Hello, I’m That Railway Girl! 

Welcome to my website dedicated to train travel and model railways.

I have been obsessed with railway journeys since I first saw Michael Palin’s fantastic BBC documentary series ‘Full Circle‘, and decided that I wanted to go on an epic train journey of my own – from the UK to Singapore. In 2009 I set off on that journey, and my life hasn’t been the same since.

When I returned from my travels I decided to build a model railway: the perfect outlet for my love of trains, and my love of making things (I am an artist and prop maker by trade). However, times being what they are, and being (relatively) young and therefore living in small accommodations such as house shares and studio flats, I didn’t have a shed, or a garage, or a spare room to build a big model. So I decided to go small – and my model railway coffee table was born!

I can’t wait to share my stories and experiences about all things trains and railways with you, and hope it inspires you to plan an epic railway journey, or make a model railway (no matter how small), of your own!

Happy railroading,

That Railway Girl